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Welcome to Kaira Sound Therapy



I’m Tony Spencer a qualified Sound Therapist and owner of Kaira Sound Therapy, based in Hampshire. I offer holistic sound services that support people who are looking for an alternative way to speed up their healing process and reach their optimum physical, mental and emotional levels of health and wellbeing.


I deliver regular group Gong Baths across Hampshire and individual sound therapy treatments from my home studio in Eastleigh. I help people who need one or a combination of the following:

  • a restorative gong bath to help relieve stress and fatigue by relaxing and balancing the nervous system 
  • an alternative intervention to ease physical pain and activate the body's self-healing mechanisms 
  • a way to reactivate positive physical, spiritual and emotional energy  
  • a safe space to clear negative energy and reintegrate lost parts of Self

I am insured for all treatments and a registered practitioner with The College of Sound Healing

 How does sound therapy work?

The body has it’s own self-healing mechanisms and given the right support, it will restore itself to health. However, due to our busy lives, emotional stress and anxiety, we often neglect the basic needs we require to heal. A deeply relaxing, and yet powerful sound treatment provides the right intervention and environment for healing of the mind, body and spirit to take place.

 It works on the principle that all the cells in our body are made up of vibrating energy, that can be stimulated and entrained by a strong resonant frequency.

Whilst relaxed, I apply different sound frequencies around your body, that are appropriate for you, using instruments such as gongs, tuning forks, crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, vocal toning and percussion.

The complex harmonics and sound vibrations entrain nerves and cells in the body to resonate at a more optimal healthy frequency level. On a subtle level, sound vibrations by-pass the conscious mind to help stimulate our natural healing abilities, restoring a sense of health and wellbeing.

Gong Baths in Hampshire

Monthly Gong Bath

Portchester, Hampshire

Monthly Gong Bath

Chandler's Ford, Hampshire

Monthly Gong Bath

Valley Park, Hampshire


GONG bath - Individual

Instruments including:
Venus & Mars Gongs
Crystal or Himalayan Bowls
Percussive grounding instruments
Price: £40


Three Treatments including:
Assemblage Point Alignment
Himalayan Bowl Massage
Vocal Sound Healing
Price: £40 each

Energy Soul RetrIeval

Three Treatments including:
Intrusion Clearing
Soul Energy Release
Soul Retrieval
Price: £40 each


Gong Bath - Group
In-Person (Public)

1st/2nd Thurs 7.15pm Portchester
3rd Wed 7.15pm Chandlers Ford
3rd Thurs 7.30pm Valley Park
Price: £10 pp

Gong Bath - Group
In-Person (Private Booking)

Private group booking
at your own venue
Price: £100 + travel

Gong Bath - For 2
IN-PERSON (Private Booking)

Private booking for 2 people
at my Garden Studio in Eastleigh
Price: £50

Gong Baths at Yoga & Wellbeing Events

Email to enquire about joining a

Gong Bath at a Yoga & Wellbeing Event

Gong Bath recorded on the winter solstice 2022