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What is a Gong Bath?

What is a Gong Bath?

A gong bath is a form of sound healing meditation, where participants are immersed in the sounds of resonant instruments played by a Sound Healing Practitioner. The vibration of the sounds can be heard and also felt in the body.


What are the benefits of a Gong Bath?

Gong Baths can relax the brain and the nervous system allowing your body to process the release of stress and fatigue. They can ease physical pain and support you in activating the body’s self-healing mechanisms. The sound vibrations can help your body detoxify your cells. Sound and positive intentions are a good method for clearing what is termed as negative energy. On a subtle level, when your mind is relaxed in a safe space, you are able to access a meditative state to rebalance yourself.


What Happens During a Gong Bath?

During a gong bath, participants are invited to lie down and get comfortable on a mat or reclining chair, with a blanket and pillow. The Sound Healing Practitioner will then start with a short-spoken meditation, and proceed by producing live resonant sounds with their preferred instruments, such as: chimes, their voice, Himalayan or crystal singing bowls, percussion and gongs. The participants remain comfortable and passively relax, whilst receiving the sounds. At the end the practitioner will leave a few minutes of silence, and end with a short-spoken meditation that helps ground the participants and bring their awareness back into the room.


How long does a Gong Bath last?

Generally, a Gong Bath will last for approximately 1 hour.


What should I bring to a Gong Bath?

You are required to bring a comfortable mat to lie down on, blanket and pillow and anything else that will make you more comfortable, such as: a sleep mask for your eyes. For some Gong Baths, these items may be provided, but check with the organiser first. It is also advisable to bring some water to drink, and make sure you continue to hydrate with water for three days after.


What should I wear to attend a Gong Bath?

Wear comfortable clothing, such as sweatpants and a t-shirt. As you will be lying down for an hour, make sure you will be warm enough for the time of year. You may want to wear a fleece, jumper etc.


What will I feel during the Gong Bath?

Each person can have a different experience during a Gong Bath, and also during each time they attend a Gong Bath. This depends on what is taking place in their life at that time. The intention is that you will feel more relaxed at the end than when the Gong Bath started. Sound can connect with us in a sensory way, such as inner-visions or feelings. Some people close their eyes and experience the sounds through colour, or shapes. Some people are processing emotions, and may have an emotional reaction. It is best to trust yourself, your body and mind and the process that is taking place.


How often should I attend a Gong Bath?

It’s advisable to leave it a week between attending a Gong Bath and the next one. This is so you have a few days to process what has taken place. Kaira Sound Therapy offers a regular monthly Gong Bath at various locations across Hampshire. Attending a regular monthly Gong Bath, some exercise and a good diet will support your continuous health and wellbeing.


Is a Gong Bath safe?

Taking part in a gong bath is considered a safe activity, regardless of age or fitness level. A qualified Sound Healing Practitioner is trained to provide a safe space for you, so you can receive what sounds you need at that time, both physically and energetically. However, it is advised not to attend a session, and to contact the sound healing practitioner, if any of the following contra-indications or conditions apply to you: severe mental illness, severe osteoporosis, recent hip/joint operation, epilepsy, a pacemaker fitted, advance stages of cancer, pregnancy within the first three months, Ménière’s Disease and Tinnitus.


Kaira Sound Therapy looks forward to offering you a Gong Bath.

Click this link to download Guidelines for after your Gong Bath: AFTER YOUR GONG BATH 

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