About Me and Kaira Sound Therapy

Kaira, a word meaning Peace, is widely used in West Africa as a peaceful and friendly greeting to connect with one another. It’s positive intent reflects the work I have undertaken with sound.

My connection to resonant sounds was initially through the expressive freedom of dancing to live percussive music. This enabled the cells of my body to become more fluid and relaxed, improving my general physical wellbeing. I developed a passion for the West African djembe, which further helped to balance my mind. I therefore spent fifteen years learning and playing West African percussion, including two years living in Kartong village, The Gambia, West Africa. The experience of playing with accomplished and master musicians, enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of how sound transformed into energy can have a positive effect on our mind, body and spirit. 

My understanding that resonant sound has the potential to help a person become well, encouraged me to undertake comprehensive training as a Sound Therapist with the College of Sound Healing. I trained as a practitioner in the voice, singing bowls and gongs. I completed further training with the College founder Simon Heather, in the healing practices of assemblage point alignment, removing negative energy and soul retrieval. As a practitioner I combine my passion for all acoustic instruments and sound healing; offering a complimentary therapy, to enhance the health and wellbeing of individual clients and people who attend my group Gong Baths.

I am a certified Sound Healing Practitioner and member of The College of Sound Healing

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about sound therapy

Sound Therapy is a natural holistic treatment, where acoustic sounds are created by using the voice (toning, chanting, singing) or instruments (harmonics, intervals).

Our body is made up of 70% water, enabling sound to penetrate, stimulate and rejuvenate body, skin and blood cells and unlock cell toxins.

The vibration of sound frequencies travel through the whole body to control and reduce pain by massaging stiffness in muscle tissues and relaxing the nervous system.

A stable frequency of sound can synchronise and attune your brainwaves, balance your emotions; helping you to relax and replenish lost energy.

About You

Treatments work best if a person is willing to take responsibility for their own healing and are open minded about trying alternative therapies.