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Individual Treatments

Individual Treatments support you in reaching your optimum physical and emotional health and wellbeing. The deeply relaxing sounds help you access parts of the body or mind where healing is required to alleviate problems and disorder. Specific symptoms where sound can help include stagnant or blocked energy, stress, anxiety, physical discomfort, insomnia, IBS, muscle tension and more. The benefits of a sound treatment can include:

  • a stronger immune system
  • accelerated recovery from illness
  • reduction of mental or emotional tension and anxiety
  • relief from chronic pain

I am a qualified practitioner with the College of Sound Healing to offer a range of sound therapy treatments including the use of gongs, vocal sound, crystal bowls and Himalayan bowls. If you feel out of balance, I can offer an assemblage point alignment to re-balance your energy. If you feel your energy has been drained or you have picked up negative energy from a relationship or life experience, I offer energy retrieval treatments using the sounds of drum and rattle. The soul retrieval treatments support the recovery of a part of Self, usually lost through a traumatic life experiences.

All treatments include a consultation and take place in a safe and private space. Your requirements for a treatment is to lie fully clothed on a treatment table, where you can focus on relaxation and receiving the sounds.

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Gong Bath Individual Treatment

Kaira shape

Gong bath / Sound Bath

Including the following instruments
Paiste Symphonic Gong
Paiste Venus & Mars Gongs
Crystal or Himalayan Bowls
Percussive Grounding Instruments

A treatment that immerses you in resonant sounds. The gentle yet powerful vibrations relax the mind and nervous system, working with the body’s self healing mechanisms to improve your physical and emotional health. 

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Price: £40

Treatments For Energy Alignment

Himalayan singing bowls
Kaira shape

Energy BalancinG

Assemblage Point Realignment
Vocal Sound Healing

An assemblage point realignment will help the body’s energy to flow. This treatment also includes checking the biofield.

Vocal sound healing treatments are designed to move energy and balance the body’s energy points.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes each treatment
Price for one: £40


Treatments to Restore Soul Energy

Shamanic Healing
Kaira shape

Soul/Energy Retrieval

Soul Retrieval
Soul Energy Release
Intrusion Clearing

Using the sacred drum and rattle to achieve one of the following: clearing negative energy, detaching your energy from another person or recovering a lost part of Self.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes each treatment

Price for one: £50