Relaxing the Nervous System

How do you know when your stress levels increase? Some of the physical indications may be muscle tension, headaches, trouble sleeping, high blood pressure or digestive problems. If you tune into your body, it is also possible to hear an increased sound of the nervous system, like a shrill buzz. When you relax the body and mind, the sound will soften.


One way of achieving relaxation is to listen to certain sounds, such as tuning forks. In my one-to-one sound healing treatments, at the start and end of a session I often use C & G biosonic tuning forks. Struck together they produce the perfect fifth. Combined with relaxation, the sound is able to entrain the nervous system and speed up the process of returning it to a natural softer pitch. I have included a sound recording of the C & G tuning forks below. It’s about two minutes long, so can be used as a quick method to relax.


I recommend that you listen with headphones. Relax and close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths at the start, letting out any tension you are feeling. Keep your focus towards your breath whilst listening to the sound.

If you require a longer sound intervention, you could join one of my Gong Baths, or arrange a one-to-one treatment session. You are welcome to contact me to discuss your needs, using the following link: 

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