The Assemblage Point Audio

As an Assemblage Point Practitioner, I can align your Assemblage Point in a 1-to-1 treatment.

The Assemblage Point can also be realigned using sound frequencies. Choose the male or female frequencies below and listen to the 8-minute MP3-format track morning and evening for a period of one week.

You can listen to the sounds while sitting or lying down. The frequencies may sound quite discordant at first. Discordant sounds tend to move energy while harmonious sounds have a balancing effect.

It is good to hold a mental image of the Assemblage Point diagram above, while listening to the sounds. Close your eyes and repeat these words in your mind “Let my Assemblage Point be restored to its correct position”.

Women should listen to the Female Frequencies below:

Men should listen to the Male Frequencies below:

Please do not listen to both sets of frequencies.

Listening to the sounds more than twice a day is not recommended

Do not listen for more than 8 mins at a time!

Pregnant women or children under 14 should NOT use the Assemblage Point sound frequencies.

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