The Assemblage Point

I first came across the Assemblage point whilst reading Dr Carlos Castaneda’s book The Art of Dreaming in 2011. This book explores the nature of reality and our relationship to a universal energy. In recent years science has learned to see the world in a new way. We know now that atoms are not separate little things, but an expression of universal energy. In Castaneda’s book The Fire From Within there is reference to the connection to the Assemblage Point and a persons health. It explains that once it has been dislodged from its customary position, the shift may be the cause of physical fatigue, emotional or physical exhaustion and even disease.


So what is the Assemblage Point. Jon Whale, author of The Catalyst of Power and The Naked Spirit, describes the energy in terms of physics as being “vibrating threads of light, resembling strings of the Universe”. As we are a part of the Universe our human energy body is composed of a number of these threads. The threads form around the human body creating an ellipsoidal (egg shaped), vibrating electromagnetic energy area referred to as the human aura. At the physical, emotional, atomic and quantum levels, a human being is an independent oscillation energy field. Whale goes on to describe the Assemblage Point as being the main area where our energy field connects with our physical body and life force energy. It’s a cluster of energy lines that pass through our body entering the centre of the chest at the nipple line and out of the back.


In its ideal mode the human energy body is subject to the principles of symmetry, i.e. the energy meridian passes through the centre of our body aligned to our spinal column. The Assemblage point location for the physically and mentally healthy adult is close the thymus gland in the centre of the chest. It is therefore believed that the position of the Assemblage Point has a direct effect on our physical and psychological health. When the Assemblage Point is correctly aligned, we feel more positive, healthy and interact well with other people. When the Assemblage Point is out of alignment, we may feel unwell, anxious or lacking in energy. Like wise physical fatigue, emotional exhaustion or disease can very easily bring about an involuntary shift of the Assemblage Point. Any sudden or prolonged stress can shift the Assemblage Point off centre, include the following:

  • Prolonged Illness
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Accidents
  • Giving Birth
  • Drug Use (legal or illegal)
  • Sudden Shock
  • Operations


As an Assemblage Point Practitioner, I offer a full Assemblage Point realignment as a 1-to-1 treatment.

It’s also possible to maintain Assemblage Point realignment by listening to sound frequencies. Click this link to my blog titled: The Assemblage Point Audio.

I have also created a guided audio meditation, to support Assemblage Point realignment. Click the Play button below.  For best results listen with headphones.


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