The Auric Field

Our Auric Field (Aura or Biofield) is an invisible field of energy that surrounds and penetrates the physical body. It is described as the Subtle Body, connecting with other energy systems including chakra’s and the Assemblage Point. Together they supply the body with Universal Life Force Energy. Dr William Tiller, professor of Stanford University is a pioneer in the field of subtle energy research, and his research has developed ultra-sensitive Geiger counter-type devices with which he has demonstrated the existence of the energy field that is not in the known electromagnetic spectrum. Another American scientist, the late Dr Valerie Hunt at UCLA, also studied the human energy field for many decades and her research recognised that human energy fields oscillate at significant higher frequencies than EKG or EEG machines were designed to measure. Bioelectric energy that emanates from the body’s surface radiates from our atoms at frequencies 1,000 times faster than any other known electrical activity of the body. It’s reassuring to know that science is proving what we already feel, and what is going on around our body and how can we look after ourselves and our auric space.

So, what is the Auric Field? It has derived from ancient Indian and Tibetan philosophical beliefs that the Aura consists of several layers of energy, which vibrate at different rates. The main three layers extending from the body are explained as the Etheric, Astral (emotional) and Causal (mental).


The first layer closest to our physical body the Etheric, is the slowest vibrating layer. It extends about 3-4 inches and is a blue print of the body and connected to our five senses and sensations of touch, taste, smell, listening, seeing and feeling. If there is an imbalance in the physical body it will generally be reflected in the etheric body. Sound Healing that takes place close to the body is working on both the physical and etheric body.


Beyond the etheric body is the Astral or emotional body. This generally extends two feet away from the physical body. The emotional body is constantly changing depending on our emotional state. People who are highly empathic read this area very clearly, and it can affect their own emotions. It’s a great area to work on with singing bowls and vocal toning, as it enables people to access deep relaxation.


The third layer is known as the causal or mental body and extends 3-4 feet from the physical body. This area belongs to consciousness and is associated with our thoughts, either positive or negative. Emotions which are negative generally create a denser area around a person.

Eileen Day McKusick in her book Tuning the Human Biofield writes: “When we routinely spend a lot of time in a particular state of mind, for example, guilt-driven overdoing (which can manifest as a physical problem in the right hip), we create an imbalance in the field that can lead to a breakdown of order, structure, and function in that region.” With Sound Therapy I am able to detect these areas of imbalance in a client as a dense area of resistance. With the appropriate techniques I am able to move or entrain the energy. One example is energy clearing with the use of a rattle around the persons, shifting stagnant energy and clearing it in the full biofield. Another method is toning with my voice or using a tuning fork. The voice and tuning forks can detect the change in sound reflected from a client’s body and entrain it to the stronger more stable sound produced.

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